10th February Ask an Architect

ask an architect come and talkThe next ask an architect will be on the 10th of February from 4:30 onwards – just come along and we can talk about your project over a really great cup of coffee. The beer is pretty good too actually. If you want to ask me something this month at another time, use the contact form on my get in touch page – we can still go for coffee.

Why I love York Supplies

I have a small project of my own under construction. Very small. I have to box in our generation meter. So, off to Homebase for some wood, hinges, a magnetic catch and some screws. Well, they had half of what I needed, and nearly ten pounds lighter, I headed home. Then I went to York Supplies to see what they had. Flush hinges, 50p each, not £2 for two. Mag catch, 50p, not £2.99. Screws, from a truly comprehensive range, 3p each, not 1.50 for eight. Piece of plywood, cut to size 350 x 250 from a handy off cut for £1.50. Thank you to Johnathon and Stuart at the oldest ironmongers in Kings Heath.

Ask an architect

Feeling shy? Have a question? Come and meet me to talk about anything. It’s free and you can get a coffee (although you will be expected to pay for that upfront) because it’s at my favourite local cafe, right here in Kings Heath.

11th November

3pm – 6pm

at Cherry Reds, York Road, B14 7RZ

If you can’t wait until then, ask your question below. If you want to ask something private, click on my get in touch page and send me an email.