Station Road – more progress

For the Station Road project the client was looking for a loft room but had low headroom in loft and a stair running between the front and back room. So the room I have designed is a half loft. We put new stairs above the old and leave the front part of the roof space as a loft storage space. The new room at the back of the house is full width as the stairs are out of the way and we find the headroom by dropping the ceiling in the back bedroom and hallway. The front bedroom still keeps its high ceiling and character. I have stolen a corner of the storage loft for a roof light, so a little light trickles down the stairs into the middle of the house. We are due to complete on site on the 13th of June when I will issue the practical completion certificate if I am satisfied that the works are complete. The contractor has done an excellent job so far and I expect an early completion.

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Site progress Station road

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A few photos from on site. A lot of clients get a bit nervous when they imagine what will happen to their precious house. Well, the builders will come and smash up the bits you don’t need and make some nice new bits that you do need and then they will make everything tidy and nice and you will be happy. Try to forget about the bit in the middle!

Good progress on Station road, the builder is ahead of schedule. He is also solving a lot of small problems along the way so that they don’t turn into big problems. I am happy.

STANLEY 8m 26′

I’m doing a survey at the moment for a refurb project in central for a friendly client. I love surveys. Partly because I enjoy the maths – and strangely because I like measuring stuff – but mainly because I am a really nosey person. This one is pretty old with some serious brickwork, big old windows and 3.3m ceilings. That’s big. But take another look at the arrangement and the changes of scale – the thick walls, the thin walls, the posts. But also see how compact the stairs are and the routes they take. Nice. Older buildings tend to follow a natural order of light – they look for edges and openings to the sky. This one has a central light well. It lights the stairs but also serves to bring light into the centre of the building. The sound of metal tape extending retracting swish swish.