It is the fateful day of Thursday the 23rd of June. I have quite a few projects in site and schemes at tender and concept design stage. I also have a couple of promising fee proposals out for consideration. If these schemes go the way that I hope I will have availability in September. If my current crop wither or hibernate I may get a slot  sooner. 

A lot of my enquiries ask how long it will all take before we can start on site. From the initial survey you can expect about four to eight weeks for the scheme to be designed and tendered, to which we can add three or four weeks to get prices back from the builders. Then we have to wait for the client to appoint the builder and for the builder to become available – which usually takes a few weeks – or longer. With a typical small build being eight to sixteen weeks on site, you could, with a fair wind, hope for six months from inviting me round to inviting your friends round.