This is Curzon Street Station

Ever wondered what it’s like inside Curzon Street, Central Birmingham’s all so abandoned railway terminus? So iconic that they must surely knock it down, the grand old London Midland Railway is hosting a fine art graduate show this week. So you can poke around her old corners before Thursday the 18th of June, twelve until six. Enjoy. 


Seen in Kings Heath

This beautifully composed facade, with three matching gables, is near the railway tracks on the end of a row of terraces. The workshops stretch all the way to the back of the plot and there is access to a good sized yard. I love the way the ground floor windows match so well with the first floor even though they so different. Symmetry and the repetiton of the square glazed lights give the centre panel – which is really an industrially flavoured shopfront – the ceremony of a classical composition. 

Wheels in motion

Hello everybody! Things have been pretty crazy here at Kings Heath Towers over the summer with lots of great projects on site and on paper. As a result the blog has been a little bit lonely, so I wanted to pop in and say hi. I am out enjoying the fresh air at the moment but when I get back I think it’s nearly time for my little business to grow some wings. IMG_1389.JPG

440, 480, 600

On a domestic property, you can have a change in level up to 600mm tall without a guard rail. If, for some reason you are not a big fan of guard rails – maybe you are, who knows? For this basement scheme the external level at the moment is quite a bit higher than the proposed basement level, so I would like to bring the doors up off the floor so that we don’t have such a deep external well to get out of (or fall into, walk around) when we step outside. So, how about a bench seat that leads up to the doors, with a step? A normal bench is 450 high, but I only want  o n e  step and a domestic step can’t be higher than 220, so we can rise 440 with  two risers. A tread needs to be a bit longer than the rise, make it 240 so for two treads we have 480. A little deep for a seat so here’s some cushions in my through-the-wall-and-ceiling perspective.

you hear the birds and smell the trees

Step back in time at 18 Folgate Street

Fascinating post from decorator’s notebook – almost a haunted house. Down in “the smoke” as it is known around here.

Decorator's Notebook blog

I find myself bristling a little when people describe something as unique. Like surreal and eccentric it’s one of those words that seems so carelessly overused that it’s almost lost its true meaning.

So imagine my discomfort when the best word I can find to describe my visit to Dennis Severs’ house is (horror) unique. What’s more, it’s eccentric too and perhaps even a little surreal to boot. Shudder.

{Alan Williams via Dennis Severs House}

Dennis Severs’ house is located at 18 Folgate Street in E1, yards away from Liverpool Street station but a world away from pretty much everything else. You could walk past it a hundred times without knowing there was anything special going on inside. There’s no sign, no list of admission prices, no queue of visitors. You book your arrival time in advance, curator David Milne meets you at the door, briefly outlines the…

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Happy New Year Everyone!

Best wishes and thank you first of all to all my wonderful customers, builders, engineers and other professionals who have helped me so much this year – without you there would be nothing. That includes you, planning and building control officers, for helping me get it right for my clients. Thanks goes also to the people who are outside construction but have helped me go from “not that organised” to “much more organised”, especially with regard to workload, fees and delivery – I will be a smoothly oiled machine very soon. I would also like to give a mention to one other group of people – those who started out as enquiries but never got as far as going to a fee paying project. You have given me something far more valuable than money (or chocolates – thanks!), which is the opportunity to make a good impression. Thanks everyone, and a happy new year!