One year later

Well it’s been just over a year since we moved to Germany. New home, new schools, new pets (rats now. Don’t worry the dog and pony are still here). We are settling in pretty well.

Thinking about how my work in the UK is going, for the first six months my availability – and therefore project progress – was affected significantly by my other activities related to filling up skips, emptying buckets of plaster and giving substantial sums of money to electricians.

But now my work rhythm is pretty much back where it should be. I have good steady progress on my projects and new enquiries are becoming new clients. Stuff is getting built too. Things are remarkably similar to how it was before.

I am in the Heath about every six weeks and I see about three or four clients each time. I also have my first architect supervised contract on site and that is working rather well, not least due to my great builder on this scheme – thanks Phil.

Maybe the idea of running a hyper local architect practice from 800km away might not seem to be the most obvious idea on paper, but for my kind of architect, doing a great job for one customer means getting a new enquiry from their neighbour. Being able to give a reference to a new client that is on the same street or within walking distance helps too. So the magic is still working.