Happy New Year Everyone!

Best wishes and thank you first of all to all my wonderful customers, builders, engineers and other professionals who have helped me so much this year – without you there would be nothing. That includes you, planning and building control officers, for helping me get it right for my clients. Thanks goes also to the people who are outside construction but have helped me go from “not that organised” to “much more organised”, especially with regard to workload, fees and delivery – I will be a smoothly oiled machine very soon. I would also like to give a mention to one other group of people – those who started out as enquiries but never got as far as going to a fee paying project. You have given me something far more valuable than money (or chocolates – thanks!), which is the opportunity to make a good impression. Thanks everyone, and a happy new year!

Author: kingsheatharchitect

I am a RIBA Chartered Architect formerly living and working in Kings Heath, Birmingham, UK.

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