Happy Birthday / How’s it going?

Today is one year since the first Kings Heath Architect blog post – happy birthday me! I have been in sole practice for a little bit longer than that, but I feel like this is a good anniversary for the shop. Looking back over the year I can see a (fairly) steady progress as the enquiries have turned into projects and the projects have gone onto site. In central headquarters though the general feeling has been either one of two things – “will I ever work again?” and “when am I going to going to get everything done?”. Sometimes on the same day. Today I won a project, with a commercial client, that should keep me non-stop busy for about a month, which is very good. A project which seemed to be going nowhere a few days ago is now on site – and the engineer is waiting on my drawings. Two sets of tenders are due back this week. And I have a client who said he would be back in touch “when he gets back from holiday” to meet on site on Saturday. So that’s looking pretty busy with all paid work. At the beginning of the month I was looking at the blackboard and there was one small project. How things change.

So what have I learned in a year? Well, some things are going really well and the first is this: my customers like me. I like them too – they have great ideas for projects and so far have all shown good judgement and serenity with what can be a stressful process. The next thing item is this: if you want to make money as an architect – and I don’t mean big money I mean any money – you have to work super fast, super hard, non-stop metal bashing. Not all the time, but a lot. Hammer like crazy, send invoice, hammer like crazy. However… part of my job, a very important part, is daydreaming. Lots of daydreaming, doodling, numbers, drawings that go somewhere and drawings that go nowhere. Without daydreaming, the hammering just leads to more hammering and not to a good solution, or a beautiful resolution. So, to another year of serenity, hammering and daydreaming.

Author: kingsheatharchitect

I am a RIBA Chartered Architect formerly living and working in Kings Heath, Birmingham, UK.

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