Dear Diary

There are usually two reasons why websites or blogs go all quiet. Thankfully the recent dry spell on KHA (if we can call it that) is for the second reason – the shop is so busy I haven’t found time to update it. In fact I am approaching the state that is small business nirvana – I have work to do now and work in the diary to do later – some of it much later. My customers are forming an orderly queue, like at a well known high street coffee shop.

Trying to plan the office workload is notoriously difficult for an architect. I might visit a client who is thinking of a big project and it leads nowhere, or I hear nothing for weeks – or months – then the client wishes to proceed at top speed.  When a project progresses smoothly, there is usually a body of work leading up to a planning application, followed by a wait of eight weeks or so for the council to give their determination before the construction information package gets underway. So it’s nice to be able to have one project slowly rising in the airing cupboard, one in the oven and another being kneaded on a floury counter top. But this is not so easy to do in practice!

I have drafted various charts and lists to try to sort out what we call the office work programme with some success, but at the end of the day new enquiries need attention, existing clients are eager to see their drawings and the mortgage needs to get paid. For all these reasons, the post this month has been a bit slow… Hope to give you the attention you deserve soon. Next week maybe?

Author: kingsheatharchitect

I am a RIBA Chartered Architect formerly living and working in Kings Heath, Birmingham, UK.

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