The Moseley School of Architecture

The Moseley School of Architecture is a private architecture school based in Moseley, Birmingham. It is a postgraduate school but unlike other schools of architecture in the UK, students do not train to be diploma graduates ready to serve time as assistants in practice, but complete the course as fully qualified architects competent to work as sole practitioners or as project architects in practice having both the ARB part 2 and part 3 qualifications and becoming registered architects.

Teaching and course structure

The Moseley School diploma combines both the ARB part 2 and part 3 courses which are studied in combination over four years of part time attendance. The coursework is divided into two parts – design and technical knowledge, theory and practice. For the design and technical knowledge all years are taught together in small groups on a design unit system, led by individual tutors, with each unit having it’s own agenda and students being free to set their own project briefs in response to the unit investigation and ambition. Assessment of the design element will be by portfolio and presentation of the final scheme.

The theory and practice branch of the course is taught through a mixture of compulsory and optional lectures, seminars and workshops which will develop the students individual investigations in architectural writing and analysis as well as the understanding of the legal and contractual framework of architectural practice.

Throughout the course students will be expected to work in architectural practice either as sole practitioners or in groups and design and deliver real built projects as part of their practical experience required for their professional qualification. These real projects will be used to form the practical experience and analytic elements of the ARB part 3 requirements for professional practice. As well as the technical and contractual knowledge gained the students are required to develop understanding in the business element of practice including finance and accounts.

Admission policy

Applicants will be expected to have a degree in architecture with exemption from the ARB part 1 qualification. Students with alternative relevant qualifications and suitable experience will be considered and supported to achieve ARB part 1. Attendance is four years part time but may be reduced in cases where the student shows advanced progress.

School philosophy

At the beginning of the twenty first century we find ourselves in a situation of both looking forwards into an imagined consumerist utopia and backwards into a state of economic and political regression. The concrete ambitions for international development in terms of global health, culture and emancipation of the second half of the twentieth century have given way to inequality, violence and ideological backwardness. As architects and educators the founders of the Moseley School believe that the profession of architecture cannot tolerate or condone this economic and political culture and that by creating and disseminating an architectural culture which is socially relevant, environmentally responsible and founded on the development of the architect’s real craft and knowledge, we are able to positively influence our social, political and economic environment in a way which reflects the twenty first century we would like to see.

Please note that the Moseley School of Architecture is entirely fictitious

Author: kingsheatharchitect

I am a RIBA Chartered Architect formerly living and working in Kings Heath, Birmingham, UK.

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