We have the start on site today for one of my smallest projects ever. As is so often the case, this is a something from almost nothing scheme. We are taking out a really tiny kitchen, extending by just enough to get in a bigger kitchen and knocking through to the kitchen dining room. […]


Nice review of the Nest smart thermostat here from the Guardian. The smart thermostat learns your heating requirements, your schedule, how long your very own Castle Black takes to warm up and if you go out for the weekend without so much as a note on the fridge door, it knows. According to the review you […]


And all the girls say I’m pretty fly for a white and black sixteenth century construction technique.     Blakesley Hall is a classic late Tudor crib in Yardley, showing mad skillz in oak framing construction. According to my guide, the building was made up in frames on the ground which were then tilted up and […]

   More brick details, terracotta fans

A long time ago, in a construction technology far, far away, houses were made from thick oak beams tenon jointed and pegged, bricks or sticks and plaster to fill in the gaps to make walls. Often the filling was painted white and the timber stained black. This produces a very picturesque house that is also […]

This scheme replaces an unauthorised previous extension present when the house was purchased. So we can go a little larger than is normally allowed. Wired, no? We get a new kitchen with breakfast area and a ground floor bathroom so we can use three rooms upstairs as bedrooms. Nice!   

Ahh, the smell of tax in the morning! The VAT rules are pretty simple (well, not really). If you run a business and you have an income over ¬£82,000 in a twelve month period, you need to register for VAT. You get a VAT number and you have to show your price net of VAT […]


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