Architectural mouldings – timber or stone cut to a profile of subtle steps and curves – serve a specific purpose. They allow us to get diferent colours from one material using light and hard and soft shadows.  Actually, this isn’t the Rainbow. That’s in Digbeth. This is the Hare and Hounds, right here in […]

It’s been a busy summer here at 1 Kings Heath Wharf, so busy in fact, that I am booked up for the rest of the year. If you have a project in mind and you really can’t wait, go to the RIBA website and find another architect. If you are thinking of a spring or […]

I thought you might like this blog post on Digbeth’s overlooked architectural charms. Here we go!

I have been out of the office this week and I have a few more days away later this month. I look forward to seeing you when I get back! Missing my pencils already. Best wishes  Paul   

Due to planning restrictions, we have made a single storey extension half the width of the existing house, but we have been able to go out by six metres. This gives us enough space for a kitchen, small dining area and a little den for the kids to play in where they can be seen. […]

Here’s a word from our sponsor, Kings Heath.  17 things you only know if you live in Kings Heath

Ever wondered what it’s like inside Curzon Street, Central Birmingham’s all so abandoned railway terminus? So iconic that they must surely knock it down, the grand old London Midland Railway is hosting a fine art graduate show this week. So you can poke around her old corners before Thursday the 18th of June, twelve until […]


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